Western Civilization from the Greeks to the 17th Century

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Useful History Links

Whether you're a professional or a student, history is done largely through the same basic process:

  1. Reading and analyzing sources
  2. Writing up the analysis

This page concentrates on the sources. For writing tips and guidelines, check out Writing History.

Indexes and jumping-off points:

Using the Internet for Research"
a general introduction to Internet tools and techniques, with many useful URLS
Index of Resources for Historians:
a huge clearinghouse of links in all areas of history: the most extensive list of its kind, (though the huge size of the file makes it unwieldy)
H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences On-line
book reviews, searchable archives of over 80 e-mail discusion lists on various topics related to history, and a wealth of other associated material
lots and lots of links to interesting (and sometimes off-beat) sites covering the whole range of Western Civ: each link has a student-written description-review
American and British History Resources on the Internet
another clearinghouse, more specialized
The Labyrinth
a place to start investigating medieval topics
The Perseus Project
has a lot of Greek material, with Roman info forthcoming
Western Civilization Library
a good collection of topical links, with descriptions and file-sizes

Primary Sources and HistoricalDocuments

Medieval Sourcebook
contains short primary documents, and links to many longer ones
The Richard III Society
this site includes a number of documents in 15th century English history, as well as bibliographies, essays, and other material relating to Richard III past and present
The Age of Charles V (1338-1380)
an on-line exhibition of illuminated manuscripts (with background discussion) from the Bibliotheque Nationale de France
Historical Map Web Sites
lots of links to cool old maps & other map-related sites

Alexander the Great Sites

  • Alexander the Great homepage
    A summary biography, with good images but little documentation, bibliography, or links.
  • Alexander the Great: from history to eternity"
    Graphics-intensive and mostly-text versions of a summary biography, with links to primary sources and other on-line material, and a separate, unannotated bibliography. This appears to be a demo version of a planned multimedia CD, whose Italian creators are almost (but not quite) pefectly fluent in English.
  • Alexander the Great
    A more elaborate site, with bio, map, graphics, commentary on myths & movies, & a good bibliography.
  • Yet another Alexander the Great page
    Plain text, difficult to read and not too exciting, no hint who wrote it, but some of the pictures are nice (esp. the big Tiepolo).
  • The Murder of Philip
    Bibliography (with links to some primary texts) relating to the assassination of Philip of Macedon, Alexander's father.

Roman Emperors

Miscellaneous Interesting Sites

Do you have any good history links to suggest? Send them to me!
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