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HIS 231:
ENGLAND from the Romans to Cromwell


  1. Write a research paper on a topic of your choice in English history before 1600.
    • General areas of inquiry you might look into include religious, political, military, intellectual, economic, and social history, among others.
    • Make sure you select a topic which can be adequately handled in a short paper (for instance, you cannot do a paper on "The English Monarchy", but you can do one on "King Alfred and the Unification of England," for example, or "The Murder of Edward II.")
    • I can make suggestions, if you're having trouble coming up with a good topic, but you should think about your own interests before you consult me.
  2. Write an analytical paper about Richard III. Read Richard III by William Shakespeare, Richard III: A Study in Service by Rosemary Horrox, some of the primary sources on Richard III (most conveniently found at the Richard IIII Society website, and some other modern work dealing with that king. Compare and contrast the interpretations presented by Shakespeare and by the modern historians. In what ways are they similar or different in approach and emphasis? Why? Was Shakespeare a good historian? What interpretation do you think is the most convincing? Why?

Regardless of the option you select, the paper you turn in will be 8-12 pages long, typed, double-spaced, with normal margins & font-size. Please proof- read for spelling, grammar and punctuation. A bibliography is required, and you are expected to cite your sources (in text-notes, end-notes, or foot-notes) wherever appropriate. IF YOU PLAGIARIZE, YOU FAIL.

You must submit your topic to me for approval no later than Friday, Nov. 7. You will also submit a preliminary bibliography of at least 3 books (encyclopedias or textbooks not included) by that date.

The paper is due in class on Monday December 8. Late papers will not be accepted except by prior arrangement. I encourage you to consult me if you have any problems or questions. I will gladly review a preliminary draft of your paper if you wish, but it needs to be in my hands no later than Friday, Nov 21, so I have time to examine it and return it to you for revision.

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